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Morning glories were the first flower I ever grew from seed. To this day, I have seeds from that first planting. They are thrust into the dirt every Spring and bring me such joy and happiness. 
I am in awe of the miracle of life from such a tiny seed. 
Planting space was limited in our base housing on Randolph Air Force Base many moons ago.
Not only did they present with beautiful blossoms every morning, they are one of the few plants that tolerate the heat in South Texas so beautifully.
I always dreamed of having my own garden someday, when I planted those very first seeds. Morning glories remind me every day that dreams can come true with the work of a spade, a big hat and some water.


The finishing techniques used on these beads need gentler care than traditional Porcelain  glazes

A very occasional  gentle polish with a damp cloth will suffice. Using a soft wax, such as Annie Slone soft wax. This will keep them perfectly protected.


morning glory drop sterling silver porcelain earrings-SOLD!

  • A pair of 2.25 Inches long hammered Sterling sliver and wrapped in hand dyed silk ribbon.