Clay to bead:

Each Porcelain bead is hand shaped from scratch, textured, scored and carved at different stages of the drying process by hand,  cleaned and then kiln fired to a high 2167 degrees Celsius.


My colour mixes and sealants are from raw materials.

Waxes, resins, mica metals and pigment oils, using the

recipes that have been developing in the studio over time.

Each color is mixed by hand.
**See our video below.**

Bead colors are worked in layers, blending the colors

and applying them in successive layers, with days of

curing times in between. 
Often weeks from start to finish after firing.
Using my fingers, cloths and brushes the waxes and oils are applied, giving each

bead it's translucent layers. Applying and removing the oils and waxes as I go.


                                              Choosing the colors and combining techniques until the                                                      bead just feels right, with no pre-planning. Often working                                                    with several colors in a whole batch of beads.
                                               I love this process, the colors just tell me what to do.
                                              Each bead is finally burnished, waxed and cold glazed                                                            several times, usually 5-9 layers, enhancing and protecting                                                  the colors and the wearer.


                                              I have used my beads in embroidered pieces. Perfect for                                                     use in mixed media, jewelry, knitting, felting or natural fiber                                               creations.


Photos and Colours:

I endeavour to represent each item to its most faithful reproduction. Each photograph is edited to ensure that it is always a perfect colour match on MY screen however..screens vary..you may see more or less contrast light or colour.

Therefore you may find there are slight colour differences in the pieces you receive, so far I am happy to report that "They are better in person and more beautiful than the pictures", as many customers contact me after the sale.

Because of the nature  of the layers and colors, the beads will look like different colors in different lighting.
I personally like this about them, we see this happen in nature, the angle of light rays...like the hundreds of different leaf colors on one tree...or something... I do not care to understand the science behind it...I just enjoy the beauty and mystery of it.