I found my passion with clay while stationed at Hickam Air Force base, Hawaii in 1990.

     While living among the warm waves, glowing sunsets and beautiful beaches. I fell in love with the process of ceramics, slip casting, and throwing pots in clay.

     My  happy place was found  while hand sculpting  leaves, flowers and vines that reflected the beautiful Hawaiian naturescape that surrounded me. I then used these clay details and applied them to my slip and thrown pottery.

     Now looking back to 30 years ago, I am so grateful to be listening to the voice that spoke to me as it did in the beginning of my journey.

     All that I have learned over the years in other mediums,  it all contributes what to what I  create now.

     It is funny how the waves of life, ebb and flow pulling back,  reconnecting you to where you were meant to be.

    Inspiration, for me is found abundantly through nature. Wether it be a singular bright green leaf, the  texture  of moss creeping across a wood surface or a colour combination of spring wild flowers.


     Nature is the ultimate palette of colors, textures and ideas.  Stirring my imagination and making my fingers itch to create.

     All works are  a unique original piece, no two are alike. Hand crafted and coloured from scratch, just clay and tools. 

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